Characteristics and development of pipeline technology

After more than half a century of development, long distance natural gas transmission pipeline in foreign countries whether it be design, construction, operation and management, or pipe, the original motivation, storages of peak technologies, there is great development. Especially construction technology of large-diameter, high-pressure trunk pipeline, are in the leading position. Which has a lot of experience and sophisticated technology available for our reference. Looking at the current technical development of gas transmission pipeline in foreign countries, mainly has the following characteristics: 1. Increase the pipe diameter. Trunk gas pipelines in foreign countries generally are more than 1000 mm in diameter. The construction technology of large-diameter pipes are more mature. 2. Increasing gas pressure. At present, Western European and North American natural gas pipeline pressure in more than 10 MPA, ayi highest outbound pipeline crossing-point pressure of up to 21 MPA; Norway Statepipe pipeline gas pressure to 13.5 MPa; recently completed North American "Union" pipe maximum allowable operating pressure 12 MPA.