Flexible rubber joints installation tips

Flexible rubber joints for pipeline construction is necessary to bring it to a natural state when not commodity of human deformation in man-made devices. When the pipeline medium as acid and alkali, oil, high temperatures and other special materials should be chosen higher than the pipes working pressure when a gear connection. Bending rubber joints suitable medium temperature 0-60 ° c with normal water special media, such as oil, acid and alkali, high temperatures and other corrosive and sturdy case tri-data rubber joints should be used not to blindly or universal. Connection flange of rubber joints should be GB/T9115.1 the valve flange or fit (RF) flange. GJS (x)-a JGD/KXT various types of rubber joints in equipment, we have the ball at both ends to enhance outstanding copies all wire rope snaps into Groove of flange to prevent joint pressure sphere when bolt on falanla took off when the first symmetrical Hexagon bolt or four tightened to ensure all sphere and flange in place.