Introduce advantages in application of diaphragm coupling

Advantage in a production application. 1, axis misalignment compensation ability is strong, angular displacement can be large compared with the teeth-formula shaft coupling 1 time times the radial displacement reaction of small, flexible, allows a certain degree of axial, radial and angular displacement. 2, has an obvious role, no noise, no wear. 3, high temperature ( -80+300) and work in a harsh environment, and can impact safe operation under vibration conditions. 4, high transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Especially suitable for medium and high speed large power transmission. 5, simple structure, light weight, small size, easy to Assembly and disassembly. Can be disassembled without having to move the machine (shaft type) and does not need lubrication. 6, can accurately deliver speed, slip-free operation can be used for precision mechanical transmission.