Transmission shaft maintenance of common sense

Rotation of the drive shaft is supported by a high speed, less body, so it is essential to the balance. In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft and prolong its life, should pay attention to reasonable care and maintenance. (1) is forbidden up started. (2) lift the clutch hard start is strictly prohibited. (3) overload, speeding is strictly prohibited. (4) should always check the drive shaft for universal joint filling grease and work. (5) in the maintenance regularly check fastening of shaft and hanger, bearing rubber is damaged, the drive shaft joint is loose open, you should always check whether the shaft deformation. (6) in order to ensure the balance shaft, and keep the balance lug unsoldering. Should always add the universal joint cross shaft bearing grease, summer should be injected, 3rd lithium grease, injection, 2nd lithium grease in the winter.