Brass Coupling Meets Torque Transmission Requirements

Brass coupling size mainly contains the parameters are: model, nominal torque, allowable speed, shaft diameter, shaft hole length, moment of inertia, weight, understanding of these parameters, whether for the coupling of the purchase or coupling The use has a very important impact.

With the rapid development of modern industry, in many areas, the need for equipment and tools have undergone very great changes. In the field of power, the coupling has gradually become the industry's star products, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling but for the average user, the understanding of the coupling is not very familiar with, even when the product is difficult to purchase, it is the size of the coupling search The table seems to be a very good tool.

The aim of the coupling scheme is to provide a brass coupling in which the shaft structure is used for articulating two shaft portions which meet the higher torque transmission requirements in the same size, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling and at the same time Can extend the service life and simplify the production process.

A brass coupling for axially connecting two shaft portions, the brass coupling comprising: a plurality of sleeves, the plurality of sleeves being movable with respect to the coupling And a plurality of annular assemblies, wherein each of the annular assemblies surrounds two adjacent sleeves, respectively, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling and each sleeve is surrounded by at least two annular assemblies; a support means, the support means, the plurality of annular assemblies being arranged at a predetermined angular distance along the circumferential direction; The support means being arranged on at least one of the sleeves for axially guiding the plurality of annular assemblies; and the resilient rubber shroud, the annular assembly, the support means and the sleeve are at least partially embedded in the resilient rubber shroud. According to the coupling arrangement, the support means comprises two axially outer shoulder elements, two axially outer shoulder elements can be mounted to one of the sleeves, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling and at least two of said annular assemblies Opposing said two axially outer shoulder elements, wherein at least one axially inner intermediate disk is disposed on one of the sleeves between the annular assemblies and at least one axially inner intermediate plate is opposed to each other Are arranged at an angle to the center line of the sleeve.