Brass Coupling With Damping Vibration Characteristics

Brass coupling is a mechanical universal parts category, used to connect two different institutions in the shaft (driven shaft and driven shaft) to co-rotation to transmit torque of mechanical parts, high-speed overload in the power transmission, Some brass couplings also have the role of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft. The brass couplings consist of two halves, which are connected to the drive shaft and the driven shaft, and the general power machine is mostly driven by brass The shaft is connected to the working machine and is the most commonly used coupling part for the shafting of mechanical products.

Brass coupling to find the center is a rotating equipment maintenance work is an important content, if the correct method is not looking for or looking for the results are not accurate, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling will cause the rotating device vibration value exceeded, a serious threat to the normal operation of rotating equipment , Especially the high-speed equipment, the brass coupling to find the data is extremely strict.

The purpose of the center of the brass coupling is to make the centerline of a rotor shaft a continuation curve for the centerline of the other rotor shaft. Because the shafts of the two rotors are connected with brass couplings, the centerline of the two rotors must be a continuation curve as long as the center line of the pair of wheels of the brass coupling is continuous. (1), so that the two pairs of wheel center coincidence, that is, so that the two pairs of wheels overlap the outer circle; (2) to make the two pairs of wheels on the other side of the wheel, , So that the combination of two pairs of wheels (end) parallel (two center line parallel).

Brass Couplings Find ways to find different types of centers. According to the installation of rotating equipment is divided into horizontal and vertical two, which are more common horizontal; according to find the degree of simplicity is divided into simple and correct system and find two, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling the former find the results more rough, the latter The results obtained is ideal. Regardless of the way they are classified, their principles and methods of analysis are consistent.

What are the advantages of so many brass couplings? Here to introduce you.

1. Has a high elasticity (low stiffness, high flexibility), bear the nominal torque when the rotation angle of 10 degrees, the maximum torque of 25 degrees, can reduce the natural vibration frequency of the shaft, diesel engine shaft to change the torsional vibration characteristics, Diesel engine in the required speed range does not appear dangerous resonance speed.

2. Has a good damping vibration characteristics, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling can absorb part of the vibration energy, reduce the vibration amplitude through the vibration point, reduce the shaft torsional vibration stress.

3. Can absorb and reduce the fluctuation of the output torque of the diesel engine. For the diesel power plant equipped with the reduction gear box, the gear face can be reduced and the service life of the gear can be prolonged when the fluctuation torque is reduced.

4. Can compensate for the axis of the offset, it is not only in the reverse elasticity and in the axial, radial and angular is also flexible, easy to install when the right to compensate for the installation of the hull, Plastic Brass Push in Coupling the deformation of the chassis and the error Diesel engine and shaft of the normal operation.