Coupling To Achieve Greater Value

The coupling is mainly used to connect the two shafts, transfer movement and torque, and can also be used for connecting the shafts and other parts (such as gears, pulleys, etc.) and two of parts (such as gears and Gears). In addition, the coupling can be used as a safety device to prevent the overload of the machine.

A mechanical part that is used to connect two axes (active and driven) in different bodies to rotate together to deliver torque. In the high speed and heavy power transmission, Voss Push in Couplings some couplings also have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of shafting. The coupling consists of two halves, which are connected with the active shaft and the driven shaft respectively. Most of the general engine is connected with the working machine by means of coupling.

Coupling is a common part in mechanical transmission. It is mainly used to connect shafts with shafts (sometimes also connecting shafts with other rotary parts) to convey motion with torque. In addition, the coupling should be able to compensate for the possible displacement of the two shafts, Voss Push in Couplings and have the ability to absorb vibration and mitigate the impact.

Coupling according to different use environment and the use of conditions, it plays the function and value is not the same.

The fixed coupling is mainly used in the two axes requiring strict alignment and no relative displacement in the work, the removable coupling is mainly used for the deflection of the two axes or the relative displacement in the work.

Couplings are used to connect the shafts in different bodies, Voss Push in Couplings mainly through rotation, thus achieving the transmission torque. Under the action of high speed power, the coupling has the function of buffering and damping, and the coupling has good service life and working efficiency. But for ordinary people, couplings are a very unfamiliar product, and for those who want to know it, where should start to understand it? What is the coupling function? How does it realize its value?

A wide range of couplings, according to the relative position and position of the two axes, can be divided into:

1, fixed-type coupling: mainly for the two-axis requirements of the strict and in the work does not occur relative displacement of the place, the structure is generally simpler, easy to manufacture, Voss Push in Couplings and the two-axis instantaneous speed is the same, the main flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamping coupling and so on.

2, removable coupling: mainly for the two axes have oblique or in the work of the relative displacement of the place, according to compensation displacement method can be divided into rigid removable coupling and flexible removable coupling.

① rigid movable coupling: The dynamic connection between the working parts of the coupling is compensated by the activity of a certain direction or several directions, such as a tooth-embedded coupling (allowing axial displacement), a cross groove coupling (two axes that are used to join a parallel displacement or a small angular displacement), universal coupling (for two axes with a larger deflection angle or in the work of a larger angular displacement), gear coupling (allow the comprehensive displacement), chain coupling (allow radial displacement) and so on.

② Elastic removable coupling: Using elastic deformation of elastic elements to compensate the deflection and displacement of two axes, the elastic element also has buffering and damping performance, such as serpentine spring coupling, radial multilayer spring coupling, elastic ring pin coupling, nylon pin coupling, Voss Push in Couplings rubber sleeve coupling and so on. Some of the couplings have been standardized. Select the appropriate type according to the work requirements, then calculate the torque and rotational speed according to the diameter of the shaft, then find the applicable model from the relevant manual, and finally make the necessary checking for some key parts.

Coupling is a kind of equipment with convenient installation, simple use, strong corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and other characteristics, as it shows in the work of strong working ability, many experts and scholars have begun to pay attention to the development of such products, I believe in the future, the coupling will achieve greater value.