The Coupling Has The Function Of Damping

The coupling function is used to connect two shafts (master and slave shafts) in different mechanisms to coax and transmit torque. Some couplings also have the effect of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft The

The coupling consists of two halves, Voss Push in Couplings which are connected to the drive shaft and the slave shaft, respectively. General power machine mostly by means of coupling and work machine connected to the mechanical products is the most commonly used shaft transmission parts.

Coupling is one of the important parts of the crane, understand the role of the coupling, to deepen the understanding of the working principle of the crane, maintenance work carried out have a positive significance.

The coupling is a part that transmits torque between the drive shaft and the slave shaft. Usually, the power machine needs to be connected through the coupling machine and working machine, Voss Push in Couplings in the general transmission torque function, some of the higher performance requirements of the crane on the coupling also has a buffer, vibration function.

Crane in the operation, the components will be the role of force, in the role of force, easy to deformation, especially the bridge part. Once the bridge deformation, Voss Push in Couplings a direct impact on the journey of the operation of the car running. When the main beam is in a state of deformation, in order to ensure that the various parts of the crane operating mechanism can also be normal operation, but also the crane manufacturing and installation process to compensate for the error, generally to the crane equipment with compensation for the coupling. This type of coupling includes a cross coupling, gear coupling and so on.

One, cross coupling

 Cross coupling is generally installed in the low speed shaft and the wheel between the wheel, with a simple structure, the advantages of increasing the transmission torque, Voss Push in Couplings the installation of more stringent accuracy. After a period of use, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the sliding surface corresponding to the cross coupling.

Second, the gear coupling

 Gear coupling is a more widely used compensatory coupling. Gear coupling in accordance with the different structure, can be divided into all-tooth coupling, half teeth coupling two. The advantage of this coupling is the small size, transmission torque, Voss Push in Couplings can effectively compensate for the offset at both ends of the connection axis. But the cost of this type of coupling is often higher, the manufacturing process is complex, the installation of high precision.