The Coupling Meets The Requirements Of The Rolling Mill

Couplings as a transmission of the drum-shaped tooth coupling, Voss Push in Couplings is developed by the ordinary straight coupling coupling evolved, drum-shaped tooth coupling in many foreign advanced industrial countries have a variety of standards and products , Voss Push in Couplings Composed of two drum-shaped outer gear and a pair of straight teeth gear ring gear and other parts.

The relative transmission of the two drive shafts is compensated by the rotation of the inner and outer gears (called angular displacement) of the gears of the outer teeth of the drum teeth. The greater the drum length, the greater the angular displacement, up to 6 °, the general use of recommended 1 ° ~ 1.5 °, while the old gear coupling only allows 0.5 °; from the bending strength and load capacity, Under the same working conditions, the transmission torque of the drum-shaped gear coupling can be increased by 15 to 20%.

Tooth length direction of the drum, so that the teeth on the contact is better, so the coupling has a large transmission capacity, angular displacement, smooth transmission, high efficiency, long life and other advantages. So gradually replace the straight teeth coupling, Voss Push in Couplings and widely used in metallurgical machinery, heavy, mining machinery, lifting, transport machinery and other transmission.

Large torque drum-type coupling has good impact performance, but the tooth contact stress and tooth root bending fatigue strength requirements are high, if we take a special structure, special materials, special technology, then the coupling can meet the large diameter The requirements of the rolling mill.

Couplings for high temperature, high speed, corrosive media conditions of the environment of the shaft drive, such as pumps (especially high power, chemical pumps), fans, compressors, Voss Push in Couplings hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, Machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, aviation (helicopter), ship high-speed powertrain, steam turbine, piston-type power mechanical transmission system, crawler vehicles, and generating units high-speed, high-power mechanical transmission system, In the high-speed drive shaft has been more common.